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visual tales of birds, termites and spiders


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bye bye birdies

after spending an extended period of time working on our first collage, the birds’ take-over of civita, we have decided to step back from it for a while and move on to the next species. the birds’ world was initially … Continue reading

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viterbo hot springs!

our neighbor bernardo had dinner with us recently and told us about a place outside of viterbo that he has an annual membership to, which has a hot sulphur spring located right next to a cold spring. viterbo is the … Continue reading

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nestle in nesters

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NIAUSI ( written proposal

Ancestors of Civita was born out of our interest in nature, architecture, and storytelling. The mystique of this isolated hilltown and visitors’ stories of the “dying city” conjured ideas of alternate possibilities for this unique place that are indeed void … Continue reading

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