viterbo hot springs!

our neighbor bernardo had dinner with us recently and told us about a place outside of viterbo that he has an annual membership to, which has a hot sulphur spring located right next to a cold spring. viterbo is the capital of the province that civita is in and it is slightly less than an hours drive away. and today tony costa, the NIAUSI founder that lives here year round,  needed to drive to viterbo to get the license plate and registration for the three-wheeled mini truck he purchased recently. he offered to drop us off at the springs while he went into viterbo, and we said, “yes please!”

the hot pool was really, really hot. in an awesome way. and because the source of hot water flowed down rocks and entered the pool at one end, and the intensity of the temperature of where you soaked within the pool was relative to how close you got to the source. and then you could get out and walk a few feet and plunge into a cold pool that was in a sunken circular rock formation. it was a very pleasant and relaxing experience that i would love to be part of my weekly routine.

we love bathing oh so much… so much so that we also managed to make our way up to peter zumthor’s thermal baths in vals, switzerland during the week we spent traveling before settling in civita. talk about incredible! it was by far worth the effort it took to get all the way out there. i would encourage anyone to visit therme vals if ever given the opportunity. it is a very special place…

today marks two weeks spent in civita, and three weeks spent out of the country! it is definitely getting a little weird spending so much time in photoshop creating the birds’ world. but things are moving along and looking good…

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One Response to viterbo hot springs!

  1. c says:

    You know I love a good Speedo pic!…
    I wonder if Lauren saw any spiders this time?!

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