living and working in civita

i wanted to share some images of our house in civita, il nuovo, if you were curious about where we are spending a lot of our time…

the kitchen has a giant fireplace, that is visually awesome, but the immense size seems to make it fairly difficult to keep a fire going in it. but check it out… so awesome!

the square table is definitely one of my favorite parts. i want to have a big eight seat square table in my future. something about the proportion of table space is really nice for two people. there is room for us to work at and have all our supplies spread out fully, and still have enough room to sit down and eat without having to clear off the table.


our bedroom and bathroom are upstairs in the loft. the ceiling upstairs is really incredible. i study it for extended periods of time as we fall asleep and wake up each day. the exposed chestnut rafters with the flat terracotta tiles above offer so many textures, lines, and colors for my eyes to analyze. it is like a stationary mobile for adults in some ways…



we are really appreciating the unique experience of living in this beautiful and magical space and town.


the last thing i wanted to share was this incredible roof plan drawing of civita as a whole that was done by astra zarina, the founder/reason NIAUSI exists and thus why we are even here right now. this place is truly insane looking no matter what angle you view it from…

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