we have two neighbors that are living next to/below us for two of the weeks while we are out here… karen, the resident gardener from seattle that was selected by NIAUSI to come out here to help manage the garden; and her husband doug, who happens to work for microsoft and managed to solve our internet dilemma!!! yay!

however, we did have some technical difficulties with the panoramic collages that jon was stitching together. photoshop managed to corrupt and destroy a few of the files, and we lost most of the work he had completed over the week. but with the internet existing regularly now i was able to download a trial version of photoshop, and the two of us knocked out replacing them over the weekend.

so now we have all the base images that we are going to build our montages on top of, and that feels really good. they are already captivating views without us even transforming them yet! i can’t wait to see what comes out of these ideas.

in other news, jon opted to shave off most of his facial hair and now looks like borat. hahaaaaa!

we walk to bagnoregio every couple of days to get more food and supplies. those trips seem to provide our main sense of rhythm of existing out here. we are living fairly simply… sleeping a lot. cooking and eating really well. sometimes i miss having more social interactions, but it is also nice to just be here in the quiet and seeing what my mind comes to on its own.

we have taken photos from many different angles to try to capture the overall view of civita that we find most compelling. we probably aren’t going to use this one, but it’s an interesting image that we wanted to share. it shows the true nature of the valley bowl that civita rests in…

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One Response to collaginginging

  1. Abby Gentry says:

    What a set back that must have been but it seems like even with some misfortune, you’ve found luck! I imagine the journey will have a continuous sway of unplanned happenings.
    Jon, I just got your email with your “hack job”. I must say that your new look is very intriguing and not completely bad looking…then again, it does resemble borat with a bit of a ’60s throwback.
    Love the updates!!

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