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orvieto art studio

we took a day trip to orvieto with our new italian friend riccardo and came across this sweet little art studio on the edge of the city.  this building wrap would fit perfectly in bird world!  it also seems that this … Continue reading

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sketches of a termites tale

this week we have shifted our focus to the tale of the termites.  we began by visiting some of civita’s grottos and underground cisterns.  there are some existing grotto plans of civita done by past fellows/students that have helped our … Continue reading

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bye bye birdies

after spending an extended period of time working on our first collage, the birds’ take-over of civita, we have decided to step back from it for a while and move on to the next species. the birds’ world was initially … Continue reading

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viterbo hot springs!

our neighbor bernardo had dinner with us recently and told us about a place outside of viterbo that he has an annual membership to, which has a hot sulphur spring located right next to a cold spring. viterbo is the … Continue reading

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living and working in civita

i wanted to share some images of our house in civita, il nuovo, if you were curious about where we are spending a lot of our time… the kitchen has a giant fireplace, that is visually awesome, but the immense … Continue reading

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we have two neighbors that are living next to/below us for two of the weeks while we are out here… karen, the resident gardener from seattle that was selected by NIAUSI to come out here to help manage the garden; … Continue reading

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belltower views

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